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Too many people think of a financial advisor as a stuffed shirt, sitting behind a desk, doing magic with money and collecting a fat paycheck. In truth, financial advisors are just people who make calculated investment decisions. The good ones are well paid, but so are some of the bad ones.

Since the core of that job duty is calculation, most of it is done by a complex series of algorithms and equations. Most of the time, a financial advisor just takes your data, plugs it into the algorithm, and translates the results to you.

Turbo Advisor cuts out the middleman. We provide a user-friendly interface for you to plug in your information, and you get much of the same advice you’d get from a traditional financial planner. Even better, you can put that advice in action without leaving your computer.

Turbo Advisor makes it easy to take financial planning into your own hands. You’ll get custom-tailored financial advice at the speed (and price) only modern technology can make possible.

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