Signing up is easy

It only takes a few minutes to get started using Turbo Advisor. You’ll create a username and password to allow you access the site. Then, you’ll have to answer a few questions about yourself.

You don’t need to have all your financial information in front of you, so don’t bother rounding up your account statements and paycheck stubs yet. You’ll just need to provide your age, your income, and an estimate of your current savings. You’re on your way to financial security!

Build portfolio

We put together a portfolio custom-tailored to your needs

Open Account

Choose a type of account

Choose your tax treatment

Turbo Advisor supports a variety of account types. You can open a tax-deferred IRA, a tax-exempt Roth account, or an individual or joint brokerage account. Whatever option you choose, you’ll get the same customized portfolio advice.

Fund your account

You can bring funds to your Turbo Advisor account from any other financial institution. If you’re moving from another brokerage, you can move funds to Turbo Advisor without selling any stock. Move certificates in and of themselves. You can also bring funds from annuities, life insurance policies, certificate accounts, or other retirement funds. The more of your funding you consolidate, the more accurate your portfolio recommendations will be.

Review and Confirm Your Portfolio Recommendations

Sign your agreement with Docusign

We partner with a company called Docusign to handle electronic signatures. They use state of the art security procedures to ensure that no one accesses your account but you. Once you complete your e-signature, you’re all set! Turbo Advisor does the rest!

That’s it!